Form B

Eureka Heritage Society Survey

Future Addendum Files


    The Eureka Heritage Society’s Survey files contain information on some 1,500 historical properties compiled In 1970s and '80s By necessity, not all of  the city’s historical structures could be included in the final results that appeared in the book “Eureka, An Architectural View.”  This form is for anyone whose historical property (50 years or older) was excluded and who wants to see it included in a future addendum file.


Address of property:



1. What documents or other information (letters, diaries, photos with captions and dates, family stories, letters, newspaper articles, first-hand knowledge, etc.) do you have  pertaining to the history your property (attach copies.).



2. What alterations, if any, have been made to the exterior of your property since it was built, be they early remodeling or recent restoration projects:





Your name:


Phone number & E-mail:

Date of submission of form:



 Print this page from your browser, then fill out and Put form and added information in envelope and send it to:

Eureka Heritage Society

P.O. Box 1354

Eureka, CA 95502


November 2008