Eureka Heritage Buhne Fence volunteers
Volunteers working on moving the historic Buhne Fence

The preservation effort by our Society to save and install the historic Buhne Mansion Fence at the Annie B Ryan House & Gardens has reached a new level. The fence was moved from its basement location to our secured location. The physical effort to move it has to be noted and we thank the volunteers who provided the labor to move the fence.

Buhne fence in storageThe Society is grateful for the donations that helped us purchase the fence. Now the additional costs needed will be for the refinishing and installation of this important part of Eureka’s history. We will be looking for financial support for the project from every available source. Donations can be made online—buy a foot or buy a yard or more, and please help spread the word!

This cast iron fence is unique in the city with only one other known of its kind still in use. There is more than enough fence to place on the E Street side of the Annie B, including the gates for the driveways. This work is only the beginning and it won’t happen quickly, but it will happen. This preservation project is not just important for the Heritage Society, but it‘s necessary for overall preservation efforts in our beautiful city.

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