Window Wisdom

original windows in old house

Quirky as they might be, your older windows fit your house. With proper weather stripping they can be made to fit and seal even better…
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The Green Book

In 1987 The Eureka Heritage Society published a landmark book, Eureka, An Architectural View, better known as The Green Book. A limited number of copies are still available…
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A message to members and friends from our President:

Dear Members and Friends of the Eureka Heritage Society,

We at the Eureka Heritage Society wish you and yours good health and healthy activities during this unprecedented time. The coming months are unknown for all of us as we move forward and we hope that our community’s resilience shines bright.

While the Society’s board has not been able to meet in person, the board has been wrestling with several decisions that need to be made. Questions the Society has to ask is how our usual fundraising and member events will happen. As a 100% volunteer organization, fundraising is how we pay our bills, including our mortgage, and annual fundraising events may have to change or be canceled. One known postponement is the NCRT play As You Like It, which was scheduled for May 16. NCRT is planning to reschedule the play for sometime in the future when it is safe for them to reopen. Our other annual events—the Preservation Awards, annual yard sale, summer event, and most importantly the 2020 Home Tour—are being reviewed to determine if they can be modified, rescheduled, or if they must be canceled this year for the safety and health of our community. We will keep you all in the loop as we move forward.

Our Eureka Heritage Society has—and will remain—an important part of preserving our city and its beautiful homes, gardens and neighborhoods. To do this, we will need your support. How? If you haven’t already done so, please renew your 2020 membership or consider buying a brick for the Annie B. Garden. Donations in any amount to the Society are always appreciated. Do whatever you can, but most importantly, stay involved in the preservation of our community.

Thank you,
Ron Kuhnel, President

The Eureka Heritage Society provides leadership, education, and advocacy to preserve and enhance Eureka’s historic structures and neighborhoods, thus ensuring a legacy for future generations.

Society Goals:

  1. Advocate and provide public awareness for historic preservation.
  2. Identify, evaluate, and register historic properties.
  3. Provide historic preservation education
  4. Partner with preservation alliances
  5. Maintain historical Eureka Heritage Society properties.

The Buhne Fence

We Need You to Save a Unique Feature of Eureka’s Past!  The Society has the opportunity to purchase the cast iron fence from the former Buhne Mansion, which was located on E St. between 7th & 8th Sts.

Only a few of these Historic Fences remain—a disappearing part of Eureka’s past! Help us raise the $10,000 necessary to buy and save it! The fence will eventually be installed on the E Street frontage of the Annie B. Ryan House & Garden, just three blocks south of the fence’s original home.

Buy a length of fence!

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